Tips for Teaching English in Mongolia

Tips for teaching English in MongoliaIf you want to teach English in Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar is where you should start!  The summer is the best time to get an entry-level job because schools open summer camps and they need to hire many teachers. Most language schools prefer native speakers who have a TESOL certificate. You can get a good private school that will pay you up to $1500 per month. If you are not a TESOL certified teacher, you can get a job that will pay you between $500 and $700 per month. In this article, I will tell you how to get a good paying English teaching job in Mongolia and give you some tips for the classroom.

TESOL Job Hunting in Mongolia

There are a lot of schools in Ulaanbaatar, but not many of them advertise on the internet, so you have to go from school to school in search for the best TESOL jobs. Many years ago, you could search for a TESOL job online from your home country, apply to a school, and get the working visa after passing the interview. In recent times, because of the competitive nature of TESOL jobs in Mongolia, most schools will not want to go through the hassle of processing a work visa, when they can get an ESL teacher easily around. Most foreigners come to Mongolia with a tourist visa, get a job and then the employer changes the visa status.

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Tips for Teaching English in Mongolia

Teaching English in Mongolia is quite a challenging task because most young students are not willing to learn the English language. As an ESL Teacher, you need good storytelling skills and be a little funny to make your classes interesting. The TESOL certificate with TEYL specialization offered by OnTESOL will prepare you for the job!

Non-native English speakers, in particular, have to be extremely outstanding during the interview, and even after employing you, the students will assess your abilities, skills, fluency and accent, and report back to the head of the school about your teaching methods and knowledge. So for you to teach in a good school in Mongolia, you have to be ready for challenges and also have outstanding teaching skills.

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Watch this video on storytelling to help you prepare for your English teaching job in Mongolia!