Teaching English at a University in Thailand

Teaching English in Thailand University jobsThere are three main types of universities to teach English in Thailand. The first one is a Thai university that offers English classes, a Thai university that has an international college, and a foreign (Ie. American) university with a campus here in Thailand. I have had the privilege of teaching at both an international college of a Thai university and a Thai university that has English electives for their students, and I have observed two interesting points: The students are at different levels within the same class, and engaging students is a huge challenge.

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Teaching Multi-Level English Classes in Thailand

First, I noticed that there is a large gap amongst students. The gap goes from Beginners with no English language communication skills at all  to Advanced students who have traveled overseas and can communicate quite well. To overcome this challenge I had to group students and create special activities for the most proficient students.

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Using Technology in the ESL Classroom

Engaging students was a challenge because they all have iPhones, iPads, notebook computers, or something similar for the teacher to compete with. If you enjoy watching a TV series, playing video games, or surfing Facebook, you know as I do how learning would come second to those attention grabbing options.  The trick is to use these technologies to your advantage and ask them to visit websites and watch videos to complete assignments.

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Teaching Large Groups

You will easy encounter classes with 30 or more students. The trick is to focus on the students who want to learn and come up with the most engaging and collaborating learning activities. I recommend using collaborative activities with large groups because they make the class more student-centered and students get to practice their language skills.

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I am not certain, but I would not be surprised if these issues are found in many other countries around the world as well; regardless, now you know that they exist here in Thailand too.

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