Life as an English Teacher with BFITS in Thailand

TESOL Teaching English in Thailand - BFITS ReviewI am teaching English in the Isan region. It is relatively close to other places such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia, so this was an attractive feature because I wanted to visit these countries in my free time.

One of the things I love about teaching English in Thailand is that I have a much better work-life balance than my teacher friends in the U.S. I’m able to enjoy an active social life, live in a nice house (which even includes a cleaning service three times a week), and go to a job I enjoy every day.

I think there’s something rewarding about making the choice to live in a different country that unites people from diverse backgrounds and creates a basis for strong relationships.

About the Author: Caroline Kenward is teaching English in Thailand with BFITS. 

Get free job placement in Thailand with BFITS and OnTESOL!

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BFITS Review: Teaching English in Bangkok, Thailand

BFITS Review - Teaching English in Thailand I came to Bangkok, Thailand because I felt the desire to learn about Thai culture. The culture exchange is an invaluable experience for me. I highly value learning from people who have different experiences, beliefs and values. It provides diverse perspective on life that I think keeps me constantly growing and learning.

I have been in Thailand for 9 months and I love it. The experience has altered the way I perceive the world and how flexible I am in my surroundings.

About the Author: Anna Pierce is teaching English in Thailand with BFITS. Get free job placement in Thailand with OnTESOL!

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3 Reasons to Use TSETA Recruitment Agency to Apply for Teaching Jobs in Thailand

teaching English abroad with TEFL recruitment in Thailand As a former employee of Thailand Supahnburi English Teacher Agency I highly recommend the agency to teachers looking for employment in the Suphanburi area of Thailand. I was placed in a primary school teaching position by TSETA in October 2013 and remained employed for my agreed upon contract period through March 2014. Here I tell you a little more about how TSETA supported me all the way and why you too should use TSETA’s free recruitment services in Thailand!

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How the OnTESOL Certificate Helped Me Survive The First Year in Thailand

OnTESOL certificate ThailandI was surfing the internet for traveling a year around the world after university, when I stumbled upon teaching English as a way to pay for my adventures. I sent my resume via e-mail to a recruiter and a few months later I was teaching English at a public school in Thailand. All they asked from me was that I showed up with my US passport and university diploma in hand. I didn’t have any teaching experience and never even heard of TESOL certification.

Everything was great in the beginning! I got picked up at the airport, I had a chance to speak face-to-face with the recruiter and thank him for getting me the TESOL job, and I met with a Canadian girl in her early 20’s and a Aussie man in his 30’s, who would turned out to be great friends and travel buddies. Then came the first day on the job, which was a nightmare.

TESOL courses

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TESOL Thailand: Using American Sign Language to Teach English to Young Learners

TESOL Thailand - Teaching English to Young Learners in ThailandI will always remember the time my 4-year-old Thai student, Queen, shouted “one more time!” when she wanted to sing the “If You’re Happy and You Know It” song again. If I hadn’t been searching for an interesting way to teach vocabulary, I may never have stumbled on the American Sign Language method.

 -Jenny completed the 120-hour TEFL certificate course with TEYL specialization-

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Teaching English at a University in Thailand

Teaching English in Thailand University jobsThere are three main types of universities to teach English in Thailand. The first one is a Thai university that offers English classes, a Thai university that has an international college, and a foreign (Ie. American) university with a campus here in Thailand. I have had the privilege of teaching at both an international college of a Thai university and a Thai university that has English electives for their students, and I have observed two interesting points: The students are at different levels within the same class, and engaging students is a huge challenge.

The Best TESOL Certification for Thailand

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Teaching at Language Schools in Thailand

Teaching English in ThailandThere are hundreds of language schools in Thailand – maybe more. A great number of them are in the capital, Bangkok. My advice to those who want to teach English in Thailand can be summed up in four words: presentation, enjoyment, methodology, and hours. Keep in mind that this is solely based on one teacher’s observations of a few language schools out of hundreds.

 -Thailand TESOL: Online TESOL certification courses by OnTESOL!-

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TESOL Thailand: Teaching English in Rural Primary Schools

Teaching English in Thailand Public Schools TESOL Thailand

Having taught English in Thailand for a couple of years, I can testify towards the cold sweat that descends when suddenly faced with a packed classroom of young, rowdy Thai kids. As soon as you get a grip of the situation, you will realise the huge rewards to be gained from teaching in a Thai primary school.

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Teach English in Thailand: Zones and Jobs

TEFL jobs ThailandSo you chose to teach English in Thailand and you’ve got offers from all over the country. You’ve got your solid personality, a TESOL certificate, and maybe some teaching experience. Where should you go?

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TEFL Thailand: Job Hunting

TEFL Thailand TEFL job huntingAlright! You’ve decided to teach English in Thailand. Now what? Job hunting in Thailand requires getting well-informed, so go to the library and get a bunch of books on Thailand. Then go online and start searching for jobs. People have been teaching ESL in Thailand for a while now and you will not have any trouble searching out loads of opportunities and reviews as well as expert advice. It can be a bit overwhelming, but simply put in some time and all the BS will start to fade away. Soon you’ll be able to scan the whole country for job openings on a daily basis from the remote comfort of basically wherever you want to be.

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