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Teaching English in Canada: Job Hunting

As a Canadian, teaching English in my hometown Toronto has allowed me to develop my skills as a teacher, earn a good wage and meet students from all over the world, while remaining in close proximity to my family and friends. Canada offers many opportunities in English language teaching, whether it be in private language […]

TESOL in Canada: The Classroom Outside The Classroom

One of the obvious advantages of studying abroad is immersion, yet many students struggle to take advantage of the English environment in order to speed their learning. Integrating lesson plans with daily life so as to make this connection explicit can be helpful in nudging students toward seeking out more opportunities to practice outside the […]

Teaching English in Canada: Cultural Considerations – Part 1

Teaching English in Canada can be significantly different from teaching in other countries, particularly those which are non-Anglophone. If you land a TESOL job in a private language school, it is likely that the majority of your students will be visitors to the country, studying full-time for a period of 1-12 months. The majority of ESL […]