TESOL/TEFL Review – Teaching in Guangzhou, China with EF English First

Teach English in China with EF English First My motivation for becoming an ESL teacher began with learning foreign languages, combined with my love of working with children.  I had toyed with the idea of teaching all through university, but it wasn’t until I put it into practice, in schools in France and India, that I realized how much I enjoyed it and wanted to continue doing it.   I researched TESOL/TEFL courses and decided to kick-start my ESL career.   

About the author: Anna Hough is currently teaching English with EF English First in Guangzhou, China. 

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TESOL Job Review: Teach English in Turkey with American Life

TESOL job review: Teaching English abroad in TurkeyBeing an ESL teacher gives me the opportunity to travel the world and to have a job in almost every country. I also love how enriching and beautiful it is to teach a student something new, or something that he/she is not familiar with. 

I also enjoy making new friends from around the world and learning from new and different cultures.

It’s best to seize any opportunity which allows you to travel.  I teach English in Turkey or Izmit specifically, because of the diversity that exists in Turkish culture and the country’s beautiful history.

About the Author: Riad Mansouri is currently teaching English with American Life in Izmit, Turkey

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TESOL Job Review: Teaching English Online with EF English First

English Teaching Jobs in China - TEFL Jobs with EF English First

I was motivated to become an ESL teacher so that  I could help people achieve their goals and to be proud of my career choice at the same time. I also wanted to give my family the opportunity to see the world and experience a diverse culture for an extended period of time. 

About the Author: Keith Downing is teaching English online from the Shanghai office.

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TESOL Review: Teaching English with BFITS 

English Teaching Jobs in Thailand - TEFL Jobs with BFITS

Thailand has a rich history and the Buddhist values that underpin the culture are fascinating to me. I have several friends who travelled here before and I’d heard fantastic things about the people and the food! After some thought, I settled on living and teaching in Bangkok. There’s a huge expat community here so it was comforting to know I’d be moving to a place that felt a little like home while still being able to experience genuine Thai culture.

About the Author: Naomi Howell is teaching English in Thailand with BFITS. 

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TESOL Job Review: Teaching English in Thailand with BFITS

Teaching English in Thailand with BFITSImmersing myself in the Thai culture has been such a joy. I am living in Thailand to see and to learn about other parts of the world while sharing what I know and making good use of my language skills and education. I chose Bangkok because of its affordability, diverse mix of people, and world-renowned reputation for being one of the friendliest cultures in the world.

About the Author: Dorian Galindo is teaching English in Thailand with BFITS. 

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Life as an English Teacher with BFITS in Thailand

TESOL Teaching English in Thailand - BFITS ReviewI am teaching English in the Isan region. It is relatively close to other places such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia, so this was an attractive feature because I wanted to visit these countries in my free time.

One of the things I love about teaching English in Thailand is that I have a much better work-life balance than my teacher friends in the U.S. I’m able to enjoy an active social life, live in a nice house (which even includes a cleaning service three times a week), and go to a job I enjoy every day.

I think there’s something rewarding about making the choice to live in a different country that unites people from diverse backgrounds and creates a basis for strong relationships.

About the Author: Caroline Kenward is teaching English in Thailand with BFITS. 

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BFITS Review: Teaching English in Bangkok, Thailand

BFITS Review - Teaching English in Thailand I came to Bangkok, Thailand because I felt the desire to learn about Thai culture. The culture exchange is an invaluable experience for me. I highly value learning from people who have different experiences, beliefs and values. It provides diverse perspective on life that I think keeps me constantly growing and learning.

I have been in Thailand for 9 months and I love it. The experience has altered the way I perceive the world and how flexible I am in my surroundings.

About the Author: Anna Pierce is teaching English in Thailand with BFITS. Get free job placement in Thailand with OnTESOL!

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TESOL Korea: Hagwon Teaching Jobs Review

TESOL South Korea - Hagwon Teaching Jobs ReviewI have been living in Daejeon for more than six months, and I have been working at a private school the entire time. At first I was a little bit apprehensive to work in a private school over a public school because I had read some horror stories online, but I must say that my time so far has been absolutely enjoyable.

Job Hunting in South Korea

The first thing I would recommend any prospective TESOL teacher do when considering a job in a private school in South Korea is to connect with a recruiter. Recruiters will help you sift through the countless opportunities that are out there. I connected with Madeline Moon at Teacher Tech through the TESOL certification program I graduated from. Madeline arranged numerous interviews at schools throughout Korea for me, even though I was rather picky with my teaching needs. She coached me up on how to approach the interviews, and when the contract offers came in she helped explain the details of each one. She helped me weight the pros and cons of each city and region I applied to, and the fact that Madeline is Korean made me more confident that she really knew what she was talking about.

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EF English First Review: Teaching English to Kids in China

EF English First Jobs ReviewI have always loved working with children! I never set out to be an ESL teacher specifically, but I love China and wanted to find any means to live here. Being able to teach children was just an added bonus!

Working overseas provides you with an experience unparalleled to anything you can get back home. You are not only tossed into a new style of working, you are also immersed in a culture so unlike your own. The differences can be startling but also enthralling! That being said there are so many people going through the same experience that it is easy to find support.

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TESL Canada Journal: March 2018

TESL Canada Journal - March 2018
TESL Canada published the first journal of 2018!
TESL Canada is one of the top 3 accrediting bodies in the world because they facilitate research and collaboration with leading scholars in the TESL / TEFL / TESOL field.  Since 1984, the TESL Canada Journal has accumulated hundreds of valuable articles for the industry.

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